Half Italian and half Dutch, Richard has been making and writing music since the young age of 11, when he grabbed his first guitar.
He’s always had an eclectic approach to music-making and explored all kind of genres (from electronic to classical) during his ever-evolving sonic journey. In the years he learned to play bass-guitar and piano, with which he is also continuing studying jazz.
In 2012 Silk Music released his first, self-produced, instrumental/electronic EP, “Meet Me in The Blue“, which songs are still being re-released as part of different chill-out compilations. He then begun collaborating with many international artists as a songwriter and arranger and continued writing songs with his singer/songwriter alias Richard J Aarden (actual label: INRITorino).
In May 2019, Mogol’s CET Music School granted him a merit diploma and an honourable mention for his song lyrics.
During that same year Richard fell in love completely with the very different and fascinating approach of writing music “following a brief”, especially in the context of moving pictures, a media he has always been very keen on.
He successfully attended a master in “music composition for images” at Conservatorio Boccherini (Lucca) – in partnership with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Rome) – where he deepened his knowledge on orchestration and sound design. In 2020 co-founded Room1025, a music agency specialising in music solutions for Brands and Media.