Richard Aardenburg

Music Composer.
Music Supervisor.

Half Dutch, half Italian, Richard is a man of many musical hats.
In 2012 Silk Music released his first, self-produced, instrumental / electronic EP “Meet Me in The Blue“. From that moment he begun collaborating with many international producers as a songwriter and arranger and continued writing and producing songs with his singer/songwriter alias RICHARD J AARDEN. Some of his works were selected for the soundtracks of national (Un Nemico Che Ti Vuole Bene, Untraditional, Klassentreffen 1.0) and international movies (Head Full Of Honey).
In May 2019, Mogol’s CET Music School granted him a merit diploma and an honourable mention for his songs lyrics.
In 2021 he wrote the Original Soundtrack for the shortfilm: “Chi spara per primo” (Directed by: Emanuele Palamara).
As a music supervisor, Richard works in the award-winning music agency SIZZER, helping brands and agencies translate their vision into music.

Selected Works

Chi Spara Per Primo (OST)

May You Be

Prototype the Future (Docufilm OST)

Eadrom – Lazy Mint Fields

Digital Sea 2


All The Time In The World

Head Full Of Honey – RIOTS

Richard Aardenburg